Monday, May 26, 2008

Two Streets, Two Binaural Recordings

My first binaural recordings! If you don't know what that means--and I didn't until just a few weeks ago (thanks, MC Special K)--it's worth a glance. Essentially, it's a method of recording sound such that when played back it seems very 3D. You need to listen through headphones to experience the effect, though!

1) Night on English St. (58 seconds)
Standing in my front yard facing Monroe Street, featuring a dog barking in the distance, faint wind chimes, a passing car that honks, and wind blowing through the trees.


2) Thunder on Homewood Ave. (7 minutes, 10 seconds)
Standing on a back porch in quiet Jerome, featuring rolling thunder (at 02:10, 05:00, and 06:30), wind through trees, dogs walking on porch and dropping toys at the listener's feet, wind chimes, and other, very faint sounds. The wind interferes a little bit, but not too bad.


The special microphones I used to make these recordings.

(The better the headphones, the better the illusion, of course. I find ear-bud style headphones to be the best for binaural.) Thanks for listening!


~H~ said...

that was pretty friggin' awesome!!

Manx said...

That shit rocks! It rocks!

I mean the recordings are actually kind of calming and peaceful.

Tim said...

Thanks! More to come. I've an idear er two...