Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mason and Galileo: The Epic Struggle

I just love to watch my cats play fight. I've had some difficulty videoing them doing it, however, because often by the time I go get the camera out, power it on, and push record, they've quit or run off. Or, true to the animal studies equivalent of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, me attempting to video them changes their behavior--it causes them to come investigate what I'm doing. I finally realized that sometimes just as you have to waste a lot of photographs of a subject to get those few that are worthwhile, sometimes you have to shoot lots of video then literally edit the crap out of it; eventually, if I stay still, they ignore what I'm doing and have at it. Keeping the camera out on the coffee table where it's handy also helps minimize distracting activity.

What you won't see, then, is the ten minutes of me standing around waiting for them to barrel back into the room. What you will see is just a few roughly spliced together scenes of my cats, Mason and Galileo, running around the house crazy playing. Oh and, yes, Mason, the orange one, is the dominant one and almost always the instigator. All vocalizations are by Galileo.


Manx said...

This was the funniest thing I've watched in a long time.

There must be a sequel! I gotta know who wins!

Anonymous Communist said...

I like how in Scene 2, Galileo tip-toes around where Mason is hiding but still gets ambushed.